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    DirecTV Scam - Unauthorized Charges

    I just found out DirecTV sent a bill under my name to a collection agency from years ago. We're talking almost five years ago and I'm just finding out about this today. Apparently one of my ex-boyfriend's never turned off the cable when he moved out of the house. I had already moved out. What I don't understand is why I'm only finding out about this now. It hasn't been on my report before and I never received a bill from them, that I recall. What a rip-off.

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    That is sure odd, I wonder if DirecTV had the charge on their books for that long and just let it sit. Either way you should not have been sent to collections. I would fight it if I were you. I switched to DirecTV once but I always lost the channels. They had terrible service and customer service people too.

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    Really? So it is the companies fault that you did not cancel your account?? And if I'm not mistaken debt can be collected up to ten years. Seven in most cases.

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    "SEATTLE: DIRECTV – which generated more complaints to the Washington Attorney General’s Office in recent years than any other business"
    Personally, I have only a $160 balance one month after turning off the DirecTV service, I was planning on paying this bill this week, however, DirecTV automatically debited my credit card with no authorization (I have never approved an automatic debit on my account). They have illegally tried to remove money twice now. I called and they said it is their policy to debit the last credit card on record. SO IF ANY OF YOU HAVE USED A CREDIT CARD TO PAY YOUR BILL, DIRECTV THINKS THEY OWN THAT CARD AND CAN USE IT ANY TIME THEY WISH.

    Because of this I will be credited and will never pay this bill off for any reason, I don;t care what happens to my credit record!

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