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    Lost the DVR list - Screwed up

    I went on vacation for a week and had all the shows I watch set to tape on the DVR (I have DirectTV plus DVR). I had my daughter go to check to be sure that I had them set to record. She checked and said yes we were set to go.

    We got back today and there were only 3 items on the List. All of the previous movies I had taped and all the shows I set to record while we were gone, were GONE. I have spent over 3 hours trying to find them. My list shows I only have 14% left to record and there are only 3 (1 hour) shows on there.

    DirectTV sucks! Anyone help me??

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    Grrr, I too had that happen to me. I wasnít off on vacation though! One day I came home to find my entire list on the DVR gone. I had saved a ton of free movies (we had a week free of HBO) so I had DVRíd a ton of them. Boy it burned me that they were all gone.

    I asked the whole family if they had some how reset the DVR and they all stated no. Even when you turn off the DVR you donít lose your saved programs, it just does not DVR anything else until it is turned back on.

    Looks like Direct TV has a problem with this then. I have heard others complain about it too. I called Direct TV at 1-866-310-4985 and spoke with a customer service rep, they took all my information and then transferred me to a technical rep to help. He had me checking various things I kept telling him that the DVR was taping things now so I didnít think there was a problem anymore.

    I wanted my list back! In the end after speaking with them for about 30 minutes, they had told me they were sorry and there was no way to get it back. He also said he had no idea why it had disappeared. Very odd, someone must have reset it. No one did though!

    Needless to say I am no longer a customer of Direct TV (for this reason and many more) I know use Time Warner Cable. So far I have had no problems with the DVR or my list.

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    Hey the same thing happened to me. I swore up and down it was one of the kids messing around with the list and they lost it. I think I owe them an apology now after reading that others had the same problem. I better call DirecTV and ask why the list disappeared, I don't want it happening again!

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