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Thread: Maurice's would not let me return

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    Maurice's would not let me return

    I went in a bought a couple of items and got the gift receipts. My daughter hated what I bought so she went in to return the item. I paid cash for it. She did not find anything she wanted in the store so we tried to return it for money back. They would not give me my cash back. I had the receipt and the gift receipt and they said I had to take a store credit.

    I was beyond mad!

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    Wow! I thought all stores let you return goods for the form of payment you originally paid. So if your receipt showed that you paid in cash, and the items were still new (not worn with tags on still) they should have let you return with no problem for cash. Did you speak to a manager? I bet the cashier was wrong. What did you do? Just leave the store without exchanging the items? I would call Maurice's and ask what their return policy is or better yet go online and see what it is. You can take a copy of it with you.

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    I used to work at Maurices, and if you had the original reciept that shows your form of payments and the price you paid then you are obligated to get your money back in cash. The cashier was wrong. If you only had the gift receipts, nothing else, then you can either exchange or get in store credit. Ask to see a manager and COMPLAIN!

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