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Thread: Office Max's return policy is ridiculous!

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    Office Max's return policy is ridiculous!

    I went to Office Max and purchased a camera and a memory card to go with it, because of a sale they had in the advertisement they mailed to me. Since I am new to buying and using digital cameras, I asked the clerk for assistance. He picked out the memory card for me from the many available options and I made the purchase.

    When I arrived at my home later that day, I attempted to place the memory card in the camera, following the instruction manual that came with the camera, only to find - much to my chagrin - that it was not the correct card for this particular camera.

    When I went back to Office Max to return the card, they told me they would have to charg me a restocking fee! It was only a couple dollars, but it's the principle of the thing - I had only purchased the card that the clerk told me would work with my new camera.

    I asked for help, again, finding the correct one. When the clerk chose the one at this time, he told me that he *thought* it was the right one. I told him that I wanted to *check* it, since he was not sure it was the correct one for my camera. He said he was not allowed to open it, and that I could not open it unless I bought it. And if I bought it and opened it and it did NOT fit, I could not return it! I am very annoyed with Office Max and their ripoff return policy!

    I chose to go down the street to one of Office Max's competitors and they were much more helpful, and I now have a digital camera with a memory card that fits it properly.

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    The extended warranty for any product at Office Max is a scam. I bought a digital camera and a laptop at Office Max. Of course I purchased the extended warranty on both (learned my lesson when I did not purchase the extended warranty on a cell phone).

    I asked the cashier all about the warranty before agreeing to buy it. Yes it covered everything, it was for an additional year and it was very easy to use if you had a problem. Well that was a BIG fat lie.

    I had problems with the laptop within the first month. For some reason the laptop would not hold a charge. I was charging it all the time. I would let it almost completely die and then charge it (just as the instructions stated). I called Office Max to have the laptop looked at. Guess what? The warranty was not good until the manufactures warranty was over. So my extended warranty did not take place until 1 year from purchase. I told them that I was told that it was in place as soon as I purchased the laptop.

    I called Office Maxís main headquarters and explained the situation and what I was told. They said to me, very nasty- well why would we warranty it when the manufacture will. I said back, well then why would I have paid over $100 for an extended warranty. I would not have.

    I tried to take the laptop back to Office Max for a refund. I didnít want it and it was junk! Get this, I was too late. You only have so many days to return a product too. I ended up sending it back to the manufacture and they repaired it. Itís the whole point of the matter.

    I wonít be buying from Office Max again!

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    I have never had any luck with buying from Office Max at all. I bought a laptop from them a while back when it was on sale at my local store. The salesman talked it up and said it was the very thing I needed after I told him what I needed to do on it. So I bought it, brought it home, took it out of the box and found I had bought a used laptop and paid for a new laptop. I called the store and talked to the manager. He said the reason it was on sale was because it had been used and returned. He also told me I had bought it "as is" and I couldn't return it. I have gone up the line trying to get this decision overturned without success. The laptop does work but I resent paying for a new laptop and getting a used one instead. I won't be dealing with Office Max again.

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    This will help in navigating the policy:

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